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Air QUEEN & Airbon Kids Mask

Superior Nanofiber Technology

Exceeds N95 Performance

US FDA Cleared



The Air QUEEN Nano Mask utilizes advanced nanofiber technology to provide a high level of protection and breathability.  These nanofiber webs are so dense, that larger pieces of dust and contaminants aren’t able to penetrate them.  They are also waterproof, maintaining a high level of filtration efficiency for over 24 hours.


The Air QUEEN Nano Mask is registered and has been cleared by the US FDA for use as a Class II surgical mask through the 510(k) process. 

FDA Registration
FDA Premarket Notification


The Air QUEEN Nano Mask exceeds N95 equivalent performance testing.

Filter Efficiency: 96.03% ~ 98.694%, (N95 and FFP2 Equivalent)

Nelson Labs Test Results Page 1.png
Nelson Labs Test Results Page 2.png
Nelson Labs Test Results Page 3.png


The Air QUEEN Nano Mask is waterproof and can be reused up to ten times and still maintain the same level of filtration efficiency. 

On June 12, 2020, it was confirmed by a publication in the ACS Applied Nano Materials Journal that a nanofiber mask can be reused up to ten times by spraying the mask three or more times or soaking the mask in 75% ethanol.  The nanofiber masks and nanofiber filters in this study were provided by Lemon, the same filter manufacturer of the Air QUEEN Nano Mask.

A co-presider of the study stated that "this research is an experimental verification of the biological safety of nanofiber masks and the maintenance of filtration efficiency after washing." 

Toptec’s nanofiber mask is similar to a nanofiber membrane mask  developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), which maintains excellent filter efficiency even after being hand washed twenty times.


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