▪ Width of the mask is 6" and height of the mask through the center is 4"


▪ Fits most children ages 2 - 10.  Mask clip recommended for most children.

▪ High breathability using nanofiber technology

▪ Strong moisture control with 0.1 μm filtration efficiency

▪ Lightweight design weighing less than a sheet of paper (0.15 ounces)

▪ 3-layer ergonomic design covering nose to chin completely

▪ Flexible nose support prevents sliding and fogging up of glasses

▪ UV protection of more than 90% of rays

▪ High elasticity nylon straps that maintain elasticity even after prolonged use

Airbon Kids Mask

    1. Wear the mask to cover your nose and chin.
    2. Hook each strap over your ears to lock them in place.
    3. Press the nose piece with the fingers of both hands so that the mask is in close contact with your face.
    4. Cover the entire mask with both hands and adjust it to fit your face to make sure there is no air leakage.