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"In March, when the pandemic was unfolding around us, I was very concerned about learning to live with COVID-19 in the coming days, months, or possibly, years.  As a mother of 6 children, I wanted to be able to keep my family safe, while trying to continue with some normalcy."  

Chris in PPE.JPG

 "We were told that N95 surgical respirators should be left for the health care professionals, like my sister.  Whenever she performs a surgery, she has an N95 surgical respirator with a surgical mask over it for the entire duration, which could be up to 8 hours straight."

 "I began looking for civilian alternatives to the N95, such as the KF94 and the KN95, that can also block 94-95% of particles, similar to the N95.  I ordered a bunch of different kinds from different websites and it took about a month before they began to arrive."

"After I got them, I could not confirm the model number or the manufacturer for any of them.  I had to resort to the blow test, burn test, and water test.  Then, the FDA came out with the list of KN95s that were recalled."

"That started my search to find a mask that would provide the same protection as an N95, was tested, comfortable to wear, and I could order them through a verifiable supply chain from the manufacturer.  That's when I discovered the Air QUEEN Nano Mask and the Airbon Kids Mask.  I began to research and follow this mask in the news, on the internet, on the manufacturer's website, and anything else I could find.  I started this website as a platform to share information about the mask with my family and friends and anyone else who is looking for a mask that will give them and their family the highest level of protection.  It is my hope that sharing this information and making this mask readily available will allow more people to live their lives, but still stay safe as we trek forward during this unprecedented time."


- Michelle

(Founder & Full-time Mom)



"The name Gogadeedee was created by my children.  "Goga" is the nickname that child #4 gave to child #5, and "deedee" is what my youngest calls his blankie.  (You know you have a lot of kids when you refer to them by number!)  They decided to put them together to get Gogadeedee.  The logo is a collaboration of design drawings submitted by my children in a friendly logo design contest.  I couldn't decide on an ultimate winner, so I took some ideas from several drawings to create the logo.  Each of the points on the star represents one of my children.  Hence, 6 points!"

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