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Manufacturer: Toptec Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Toptec Co., Ltd.
Nanofiber Filter Manufacturer: Lemon Co., Ltd.
Brand Name: Air QUEEN

Patented Technology

In June of 2011, Toptec registered a patent for an electrospinning devise and an apparatus for manufacturing nanofibers.

The North Face Exclusive

Lemon has an exclusive contract with The North Face using its nanofiber technology to create their FUTURELIGHT line.

Facility Expansion

In May of 2020, Toptec completed the expansion of 50 nanofiber filter production lines, and started the production of 3 million units per day.

Manufacturing Supply Chain

Toptec and Lemon are the only two companies in Korea that have essential production equipment to manufacture a mass supply of masks, AND production facilities for the raw materials.  Lemon manufactures the nanofiber filter and Toptec utilizes that nanofiber filter to manufacture the Air QUEEN Nano Mask.

Air Queen Brand

The Air QUEEN brand is originally known for their line of sanitary napkins and products using nanofibers.  Therefore, the facility and materials are of the highest caliber of cleanliness and safety.

Halal Certification

Air Queen Nano Mask is certified as a Halal product.

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